My Name is Oliwia Nowotnik and i am a passionate Unisex Streetwear designer in my third year of University. In my work I aim to express myself visually and connect to my audience through my designs and illustrations. Having the opportunity to be selected for Graduate Fashion Week means a great deal to me, it creates a chance for me to express myself as a designer and present a different approach to fashion and introduce fashion as a form of self expression and no boundaries , differently to what is seen in the fashion industry so far. This is the chance to say I CAN do this. I am a strong, independent young designer,

As a very expressive designer, I like my work to connect to my feelings and thoughts whether these are personal, generalised or specific to events that are happening around the world. The 3 pillars are something i am very passionate about, especially throughout my work. Environment is something i am very conscious about when making my clothes, reducing waste by using every bit of fabric i buy through upcycling into graphic designs and textile techniques. People are who i make my clothes for, they are designed to empower people, embrace any differences, bring communities together through the messages behind the clothes, but also throughout the production i want everyone to be involved and have their voices heard. Currently my collection is focussing on Body Dysmorphia, an illness that affects a severe majority of us to different extents, in the collection i am reflecting the brighter side of overcoming and speaking out about your reason to live, and that Body Dysmorphia should never stop you. I am hoping to spread this message as far as I can with my work. 

My design aesthetic is expression and confidence, my aim is to always portray feelings and emotions in streetstyle designs whether that be through the silhouette of the clothes or the surface design. To me fashion is escapism and freedom of expression, it has helped me conquer troubles and fears i have been faced with and really express this through my designs. They are bold, empowering , colourful and graphic. It brings joy and confidence into fashion.


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